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Here at Straight Arrow Outfitters, we’re all about the outdoors. After all, we’re just a couple boys from the Pacific Northwest who’ve been lucky enough to fish, hunt, camp, and hike in some of the most remote corners of nature, all around the world. So, you can trust us when we say we’ve built a collection of the best tools and gear to share with fellow lovers of the great outdoors seeking their taste of adventure. 

Unlike other archery online stores, our products aren’t about frills. We simply stock the best rifle scopes, hunting knives, fishing gear, and top of the line survival gear at the most competitive prices—that’s it. We’re confident that you’ll love what you order from us. But if you don’t, no sweat! Our money-back guarantee has you covered. 

Start shopping below to discover the knives, optics, and fishing gear you need for your next outing. In hunting and in life always… Shoot Straight! 


The perfect gift for the outdoor enthusiast!


Compound Bow vs Recurve Bow: Which One Do You Choose?

If you are a fan of archery, you might have come across the terms compound bow and longbow. These types of bows offer different advantages, and each one has its own drawbacks. If you are in the market for a new bow, here are some pointers to help you make the best...

Why You Should Consider a Graphite Casting Rod for Your Next Fishing Trip

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How to Decide Between ED and HD Binoculars

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How to Choose the Best Camouflage for You

With so many types of camouflage available to choose from, it can get overwhelming and confusing for a newbie pretty fast. It does not help that different hunters will have different preferences, which may work for them depending on the results they are looking for....

Do You Need a Hunting Knife?

Hunting is a popular sport in the United States, and in 2020 there were over 4.66 million bow hunters alone aged six and above. While there are many pieces of equipment that a hunter needs to be successful, a knife is one that is often overlooked. A good hunting knife...

Choosing the Right Bait for Your Next Fishing Trip

Fishing is one of the oldest forms of food gathering, and the first fishing hooks -- called gorges -- were fashioned from short, straight bits of wood, stone, or bone that were pointed at both ends. Today, there are numerous types of hooks and baits, and the type that...

Benefits of Using a Bow Scope

If you want to improve your ability to aim, the accuracy in your aim, and overall confidence while using your bow, you should consider using a compound bow scope. A compound bow scope or archery bow sight is a device that uses a lens, pin, or other kinds of marker to...

How to Find the Best Compound Bow For You

Many consider a compound bow to be an efficient weapon for both sport and hunting prey. There are many different brands, models, and quality levels for every budget. It was discovered in 2020 that the United States has approximately 9.9 million archery bowhunters....

Hunting Today: Can Simple Binoculars Change Your Game?

Hunting was a method to feed a family. It involved a basic bow and arrow, and before that, a spear. Today, hunting has been transformed. Bow and arrows have taken a new form and hold more power, and now there’s an array of rifles to choose from depending on the animal...