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If you want to improve your ability to aim, the accuracy in your aim, and overall confidence while using your bow, you should consider using a compound bow scope. A compound bow scope or archery bow sight is a device that uses a lens, pin, or other kinds of marker to help you get the correct aim at your target and hit it.

There are some advantages that come with using a bow scope as well as some disadvantages. These may be, to some extent at least, dependent on whether you are using the scope for indoor archery or for outdoor archery.

Advantages of Using a Bow Scope

Using a compound bow scope will no doubt help you up your game if you use it right. According to data from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service national hunting license, hunters bought over 15.6 million hunting licenses in 2018. This shows just how many people are going hunting, and gives enough reason to make sure you are ready to take on the competition.

The advantages of getting a compound bow scope include:

  • Enabling you to aim more precisely as mentioned above. The sight increases the magnification of your target and so you can see clearly where you want to aim.
  • Giving you relief from straining your eyes, as you no longer have to focus on a distant, tiny object. You also relax while shooting and don’t flinch.
  • Making it easier to shoot accurately in a natural setting with a lot of distractions and possible camouflaging of your target.
  • Making it possible to see more details, therefore enabling you to avoid aiming at a branch in your line of sight, for instance.

Find What Works Best For You

Like everything that has pros, there are also a few cons and the main one is that when the glass gets water or dirt on its surface, it’s practically unusable so you have to take it out and clean it.

Magnification may also be a bit out of whack for different people as our eyes are all different. This makes it necessary to try different magnifications and find the one that works best for you.

While you are encouraged to try out different magnifications, it’s good to start with the most commonly used one, which is 4x magnification. Depending on how it feels, you can increase or decrease the power accordingly.