10 Best Pompadour Fade Haircuts for Men in 2023

High Skin Fade 

A high skin fade on the sides and back transitions into a pompadour on top.

Low Fade 

A modest fade around the ears blends with the longer hair on top for a polished look.

Disconnected Fade

A stark contrast between the longer hair on top and the closely shaved sides, making the pompadour the focus point.

Pompadour Taper:

A taper fade that gradually fades along the sides and back blends into the longer hair on top.

Fade: Curly Pompadour 

For men with curly hair, a curly pompadour fade adds texture to the classic look.

Fade with Beard:

Combining the pompadour fade with a well-groomed beard creates a rugged and masculine look.

Pompadour Mid-Fade:

A smooth, attractive mid fade that balances the length on top.

Pompadour Fade 

Texturing the top hair can give the pompadour a trendy, untidy look.


A firm portion in the fade adds elegance and definition.

Long Fade Pompadour: 

A long pompadour fade is a striking hairstyle for men with longer hair.

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