10 Versatile Medium-Sized Cat Breeds


Abyssinians are playful and active. Curiosity, intelligence, and adaptability characterize them.

US Shorthair: 

American Shorthairs are adaptable, multicolored cats. Their pleasant, easygoing nature makes them adaptable to many households.


Birmans are amiable medium-sized cats. They're kind and fit nicely with many households.

Brit Shorthair: 

British Shorthairs are independent but loving. They can adapt to varied lifestyles.

Maine Coon 

Maine Coons, one of the largest domestic cat breeds, are medium-sized. "Gentle giants" are kind and sociable.


Ragdolls are calm and affectionate. They adapt to multi-pet households and get along with other pets.

Russian Blue: 

Russian Blue cats are smart, quiet, and adaptable. They have velvety, bluish-gray coats and lovely green eyes.


Somali cats are medium-sized and lively. Their bushy tail makes them adaptable.


Tonkinese cats are active and social. They're fun and adaptable.

Turk Van: 

Medium-sized Turkish Van cats adore water. They adore swimming and water play and are pleasant and lively.

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