10 Hairdos for Women Over 60 with Curly Hair

Curly Bob 

Curly bobs are stylish and low-maintenance for ladies over 60. It's stylish and flattering.

Curly Pixie 

Curl up with a pixie cut. It's trendy and chic.

Curly Shag 

Curly hair bounces with layers and structure in the curly shag haircut. It's hip.

Half-Up Half-Down: 

Half-up half-down your curly hair. This balances and elegantly dresses for numerous events.

Messy Bun 

Messy buns highlight curls. It's a gorgeous, fast updo for casual and formal occasions.

Curly ponytail: 

Curly ponytails are timeless and functional. Adjust the ponytail height and volume to suit your style.

Side Braid: 

Curly hair looks boho and feminine in a side braid. Outdoor and casual activities suit this hairdo.

Twisted Curly Updo: 

For a more elaborate updo, twist and braid your curly hair.

Curly mohawk: 

Curly mohawks are daring and edgy. This style highlights the curly top while keeping the sides short.

Curly-layered Lob: 

Curly hair looks great in a long layered bob. It's ideal for ladies over 60 since it's dynamic.

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