8 Pretty Pink Flowers For Your Garden

Pink Roses

Classic and romantic, pink roses come in various shades and varieties, offering beauty and fragrance.

Pink Peonies

Large, fluffy blooms make peonies a stunning addition to any garden. They're available in shades ranging from pale pink to deep magenta.

Pink Tulips

Tulips come in many colors, including shades of pink. They are a delightful addition to spring gardens.

Pink Camellias

These beautiful flowers bloom in late winter or early spring, adding color to your garden when it's most needed.


These shrubs produce large, showy flower heads in shades of pink, blue, or white, depending on the soil pH.


Dahlias come in various colors and shapes, and pink dahlias are particularly lovely, adding a pop of color to your garden.

Pink Cherry Blossoms

These delicate flowers are iconic and herald the arrival of spring with their pink blooms.


Geraniums are popular bedding plants that produce clusters of pink flowers throughout the summer.

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