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7 Natural Wonders That Have Been Destroyed

In 1882, Charles Blomfield painted this stunning fantasy painting. However, its rosy pools were real.

Pink and White Terraces, Lake Rotomahana, NZ

Hetch Hetchy Valley was formerly comparable to Yosemite Valley in splendor. Rivers and glaciers eroded Sierra Nevada granite to form the steep-sided, U-shaped valley over millennia.

Valley of Hetch Hetchy,California

The huge sequoia Wawona Tree in Yosemite National Park was photographed in 1918. Visitors took images of themselves walking or driving through the tunnel when it was cut in 1881.

Wawona Tree,  California

From old to ultra-isolated trees, the Tree of Ténéré in the Sahara Desert was once called the loneliest tree on Earth. In 1961, the acacia was 250 miles (402km) from the nearest tree and dated back to a greener, wetter Niger.

Tree of Ténéré, Sahara Desert, Niger

The London Bridge rock formation, named after the British bridge it resembled, was on Victoria's southwestern coast along the Great Ocean Road.

Victoria's London Bridge

Jeffrey Pine was once considered the most photographed tree. The tree, estimated to be 400 years old in 2003, stood out in Yosemite National Park with its remarkable wind-hewn shape.

Jeffrey Pine, Yosemite National Park, CA

No, there were no Twelve Apostles. In the 1960s, these sea stacks on Victoria, Australia were named after the 12 apostles in the Bible, but there were only nine.lake surface at Osoyoos. The water appears like a child's artwork, but these enigmatic dots are natural.

Twelve Apostles, Victoria, Australia

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