7 Pink Houseplants To Add A Pop Of Color To Your Home

With its glossy foliage and striking pink spathes, the pink anthurium adds a tropical touch to indoor spaces. It prefers bright, indirect light and consistent moisture.

Pink Anthurium

Caladiums feature colorful, heart-shaped leaves in shades of pink, red, and green. They thrive in bright, indirect light and can be grown indoors as houseplants or outdoors in containers during the warmer months.

Pink Caladium

This variegated philodendron features stunning pink and green foliage, adding a bold statement to any indoor setting.

Pink Princess Philodendron

Fittonias, also known as nerve plants, have distinctive pink-veined leaves that add a splash of color to terrariums or as groundcover in indoor gardens. They thrive in bright, indirect light and high humidity.

Pink Fittonia

Bromeliads come in various colors and patterns, including pink varieties like Neoregelia 'Fireball'. These striking plants feature rosettes of pink foliage and can tolerate low light conditions indoors.

Pink Bromeliad

Phalaenopsis orchids are prized for their elegant flowers, which come in a range of colors, including shades of pink. They prefer bright, indirect light and regular watering to thrive indoors.

Pink Orchid

Prayer plants have intricately patterned leaves that fold up at night, giving them their name. Varieties like Maranta leuconeura 'Erythroneura' feature pink veins on green foliage, adding a touch of color to indoor spaces.

Pink Prayer Plant

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