8 French Habits To Improve Your Life

In France, meals are about family and connection, not just eating. Sharing meals lets everyone catch up, tell stories, and bond.

Dining Together

Even simple French meals, like steak and ratatouille, are balanced and nutritious. This healthy eating style provides a variety of nutrients without processed foods.

Balanced Meal

French people generally walk instead than driving. This habit helps get those crucial steps in and minimizes car use, leading to a better lifestyle and lower carbon footprint.

Walk Places

French people prefer baguette bread over packaged breads. Its fresher, fewer ingredients make it a healthier option that doesn't sacrifice taste for convenience, reflecting French values in everyday eating.

Enjoy Baguette Bread

A “goûter,” a little afternoon snack of chocolate and bread, is popular in France about 4 or 5 PM. This light supper is a French way to enjoy food and life's little joys till dinner.

Have “Goûter”

French makeup is more natural and less-is-more. This behavior promotes self-confidence and natural beauty over heavy makeup, improving skin health.

Less Makeup

French workers take 5 weeks of vacation every year, occasionally more, due to their productivity. This substantial vacation time emphasizes the need of rest and relaxation in a balanced and successful existence.

Vacation Time

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