9 Steps To Train Your Dog To Follow Commands

Basic Commands: 

Before adding distractions, make sure your dog knows sit, stay, come, and heel.

High-Value Treats:

Train your dog using his favorite treats. In difficult conditions, high-value rewards will keep your dog focused.

Mild Distractions:

Train in a quiet, familiar place. As your dog learns commands, increase distractions.

Distractions gradually:

Slowly add training-related distractions. If you're practicing recall (come command), start with toys and then move on to other canines.

Practice Locations: 

Train your dog in parks, busy streets, or around animals. This will teach your dog to follow commands in different scenarios.

Positive reinforcement:

Even in distracting situations, praise and treat your dog for following directions.

Stay Cool:

Be patient if your dog doesn't respond immediately. Keep training positive by speaking calmly and encouragingly.

Increase Distance

Gradually increase your dog's distance and command length. Your dog develops attention and impulse control.

Verifying Commands:

"Proofing" implies rehearsing commands in real-life situations and interruptions. Work on "stay" when walking away or with other people or dogs.

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