Always Refrigerate These Seven Foods

Dates should be stored in the fridge, even though other dried fruit can be stored in the pantry. 


Whether Dijon or wholegrain, mustard's preservatives make it safe to store in the cupboard after opening. However, refrigerating open mustard jars improves quality.


Due to its high sugar content, jam may not deteriorate if stored in the cupboard after opening. You should keep it in the fridge.


Opened red bottles should be refrigerated, defying wine convention. 

Red Wine Opened

It turns out that many oils benefit from fridge storage. If stored at room temperature, sesame oil and other unrefined nut oils go rancid and lose flavor.

Oil Sesame

Whether to store ketchup in the fridge or store cupboard is debatable. Some think ketchup can be stored at room temperature because of its high vinegar, salt, and sugar content. Not precisely. 

Ketchup (After Opening)

After opening, store bottled lime and lemon juice in the fridge. Without refrigeration, the flavor might sour and become unpleasant.

Lemon And Lime Juice In Bottles

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