Costco Shoppers Are Fawning Over an 'Incredible' Sweet Treat

Eating fresh cookie dough is one of the most tempting elements of baking. It's probably been advised against

due to raw eggs and flour. One of many safe cookie dough items recently garnered attention from Costco buyers.

An EatPastry Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough shot was posted on Reddit a few days ago with the caption "Cannot recommend enough!"

According to the package, this dairy-free, vegan cookie dough can be enjoyed raw or cooked. On its website, EatPastry says its cookie dough is safe to eat

Two Redditors raved on the cookie dough's taste, while one questioned its hype due to the lack of genuine butter.

"It tastes great. Try it "shopper said. Another Redditor said, "Possibly the only vegan alternative that I think tastes nearly identical to the real thing."

Other cookie dough varieties from EatPastry include Birthday Cake and Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip. Gluten-free cookie dough, protein cookie

dough pieces, and Cookie Dough Core cups are all available. These cups contain cookie dough with fudge or salted caramel centers.

Not only EatPastry's ready-to-eat cookie dough is popular at Costco. Almond Florentine Cookies were introduced at the warehouse club bakery.

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