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Discover Your Birth Flower Meanings

Carnations, a "flower to the gods," represent love, devotion, and endurance. Their kaleidoscope of colors encodes signals of love, appreciation, and affection.

January: Carnation

iolets, in varying colors of purple, have long symbolized loyalty, constancy, devotion, and innocence.

February: Violet

These lovely blooms symbolize regeneration and optimism after a long winter in spring. Jonquils have a powerful, memorable scent.

March: Jonquil

The brilliant yellow center and white petals of daisies symbolize purity and loyalty. They bloom from spring to October, symbolizing longevity.

April: Daisy

Lilies of the valley are delicate and spread quickly. Its rich scent symbolizes sensitivity, elegance, and delight.

May: Valley lily

For generations, roses have symbolized love and affection. They come in several colors, but red symbolizes strong desire. Pink represents excitement and appreciation, whereas white represents purity.

June: Rose

Larkspur symbolizes closeness, elegance, positivity, and optimism. Colors include pink, purple, white, and blue.

July: Larkspur

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