Dunkin' Is Discontinuing a Popular Line of Drinks 

Consumers will soon wave goodbye to 2023 and Dunkin's favorite beverages.

The restaurant told Nation's Restaurant News it will eliminate coconut milk from its menu by year's end. This means all Coconut Refreshers,

which contain coconut milk, will be discontinued. Additionally, buyers will have one fewer non-dairy milk option.

According to a news release, Dunkin' has served oat milk worldwide since 2020 and almond milk since 2014, but coconut milk wasn't added

until April 2021. That's when Dunkin' introduced their colorful Coconut Refreshers with coconut milk, fruit concentrate, and B vitamins.

Non-dairy customers should be assured that Dunkin' will preserve its other milk options after coconut milk is removed.

"Dunkin' will discontinue coconut milk countrywide in 2023, but in 2024, new and innovative beverage innovations will offer visitors a wider

range of coffee and non-coffee drinks. In a statement to Nation's Restaurant News, Dunkin' noted guests can still order their favorite drinks

Dunkin' Refreshers with green tea bases are also available. Coconut milk enthusiasts will either have to find a new non-dairy choice at Dunkin' or switch to Starbucks

Like Coconut Refreshers and coconut milk, several popular Dunkin' goods were discontinued in 2023. In March

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