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How To Safeguard Digital Privacy

It may seem rare, yet viruses still exist. Computer malware can create many problems, so install antivirus software.

Antivirus Software

New apps are constantly appearing, but many may secretly share your personal information and location. Install programs only from trusted sources.

Be Careful When Installing Apps

Not all security breaches include malware or hackers invisibly accessing your accounts. Scam emails, chats, and links might fool you into giving up your passwords or personal information.

Beware Phishing

Your phone automatically records your location, which you may modify in settings. Turn off some downloaded programs unless essential.

location Tracking

Saved cookies, searches, and browser history may reveal your home address, family, and other sensitive data. Clear your cache.

Clean Your Cache

Disabling device and app automatic backup settings prevents your devices from sharing your images and other data with the cloud.

Stop Automatic Uploads

This protects your wireless network from nearby hackers. Don't let unauthorized users of your network access your confidential information.

Protect Your Wifi Network

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