Never Suddenly Stop Taking These Drugs

These medications influence how fast your heart pumps blood, how much salt and water your body excretes, and lower blood vessel pressure.

Blood Pressure Medications

If thyroid medication is abruptly stopped, people, especially those with hyperthyroidism, may experience a “thyroid storm”. Rapid heartbeat, fever, fainting, and coma are life-threatening symptoms.

Thyroid Medication

Depression medication may affect brain chemistry. However, others feel tempted to stop taking the drug when they feel better. Bad idea.


Anticoagulants prevent blood clots by thinning the blood. These are prescribed to prevent strokes and heart attacks in high-risk patients.

Blood Thinners

For seizures and anxiety, benzodiazepines are utilized. Popular, extremely addictive prescription medications.Going cold turkey on drugs can wreck your body and mind.


Gabapentin, like benzodiazepines, treats epileptic seizures, nerve discomfort, restless leg syndrome, and neuralgia.Even with medical tapering, withdrawal symptoms have been documented.


These lower intraocular pressure. Stopping them quickly raises intraocular pressure, which can damage the optic nerve and cause blindness.

Glaucoma Eye Drops

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