Step-by-Step Beauty Makeup Tutorial for Beginners

Prepare Skin

Clean and moisturize your face. Use a mild cleanser and a lightweight moisturizer for your skin type. Take a break before continuing.


Makeup primers smooth your makeup and prolong its wear. Apply a little on your face, focusing on pores and fine wrinkles.


Conceal blemishes, dark circles, and redness. Apply a small quantity and mix with your ring finger or makeup sponge.


Apply foundation that matches your skin tone evenly to your face. Apply with a foundation brush, makeup sponge, or fingertips.

Setting Powder

Apply translucent setting powder with a fluffy brush to prevent foundation creasing. Oily skin needs this step.


Apply bronzer or contour powder on your cheekbones, temples, and jawline to provide warmth and dimension. It defines your face.

7: Blush

Smile and blush naturally. Blend lightly for a rosy glow.

8. Highlighter

Highlight your cheekbones, browbones, and nose bridge. Your skin will glow naturally.

9: Brows

Brush and fill your eyebrows. Shaping your brows with soft strokes mimics real hair.

10-Eye Makeup

Apply neutral makeup to your eyelids for a natural look. Add depth with a darker crease shade. Finish with mascara to highlight your lashes.

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