The Biggest Myths About Aging

Although memory declines with age and some seniors develop severe cognitive impairment, not all seniors become forgetful.

Seniors' Brains Shut Down

Seniors are often thought to be unable to drive. However, many elders drive well into their golden years, and just one in seven cannot drive.

Seniors Can No Longer Drive

According to a 2009 Research , 60% of older persons felt younger. In reality, age is just a number.

Older Folks Feel Elderly

As they age, people may have trouble sleeping and staying asleep. That doesn't mean they sleep less. Older individuals need seven to nine hours of sleep per night, like all adults.

Seniors Need Less Sleep

Seniors are often thought to be unhappy. Numerous studies demonstrate that happiness rises after 50.

Unhappy Seniors

Fortunately, many seniors are eager to do new things, meet new people, and learn new activities.

Seniors Stop Learning

Many housebound elders endure perilous isolation, but it's typically the exception.

Seniors Withdraw

The years can damage joints. The National Institutes of Health in the US reports that only half of adults over 65 have osteoarthritis, the most common form of arthritis.

Senior Arthritis Is Inevitable

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