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The Seven Safest Nations For Solo Women Travelers

New Zealand is beautiful and safe, so it's on everyone's bucket list. Travelers of all backgrounds can safely experience the country's stunning landscapes with a Travel Safe Abroad safety ranking of 90.

New Zealand

Denmark, one of the safest countries, with beautiful architecture (including castles) and canals.


Ireland was named the safest country for female travelers by travel company Bounce, which is good news for women who want to see stunning cliffs and S t. Patrick's Day pub crawls.


Female travelers can travel safely worldwide. Safari vacations are popular in Botswana, one of Africa's safest countries.


Canada has all that and more, but solitary female travelers may worry about safety, especially given its size. Good news: the country is the eighth-safest for women traveling alone.


Sweden is another Scandinavian country with great pop music, pickled herring (try it), and scenery.


Portugal is safe and friendly for solitary women. Solo travelers will soak in the sun, enjoy the lively atmosphere, and make lifelong friends in rural towns and downtown Lisbon.


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