These Great Cities Are Running Out Of Water

Mexico City, Mexico 

Mexico City has been in the news as the Cutzamala water system (canals, reservoirs, pumping stations, and dams) reaches historical lows at 39% capacity.

London, England

London may run out of water in 25 years. Thames Water estimates that a major water loss in London would cost the economy £330 million per day.

Zimbabwe's Harare

Over time, Harare has experienced severe droughts. Four main dams supply the city with water, however they are dry.Economic issues prohibit government from investing in water treatment plants and facilities.

Cape Town, South Africa

Water shortages are common in Cape Town. So terrible that home water use was limited to 50 gallons per day in 2018.Surface water resources will drop 20% by 2100 due to rising temperatures.

Phoenix, USA

The desert city gets its water mostly from pipes from the Colorado River. In droughts, groundwater is used extensively until it runs dry.

New Delhi, India

Water shortages have plagued New Delhi for years. Temperatures rising, waterfall levels falling, and population growth suggest this Indian metropolis may be moving in that direction.

Beijing, China 

The Chinese government developed canals to transfer river water to cities in 2002. Beijing still faces water shortages.

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